The importance of a moving insurance in Northridge!

Relocating your household items can be very stressful and sometimes, all the accumulated pressure and stress can make us do simple mistakes that lead to terrible accidents. We end up hurting ourselves or the ones around and even damaging our precious belongings.

Using furniture removers for your big move_300x300Even if you hire the best moving services in Northridge, they are still humans and can do mistakes. Nobody can predict accidents and this is why is better to be always prepared. Moving insurance can help you replace the value of a damaged or stolen item.  Do not neglect this suggestion, there are many things to know about the advantages and the importance of a moving insurance in Northridge.

The main purpose of this insurance is to offer honest value replacement for any of the items that were in transit during a move. Usually this policy is not sold by moving companies, but by other insurance companies that provide house-owner insurance or mortgage life insurance.  Moving companies are forbidden to sell this policy, but they do make their own estimate of the cargo, called valuation.

As you could have imagined, their valuation is smaller than the real value of the item. Valuation is based on the weight of the item, not on its true value. For example, if the workers of a moving company drop and break a big screen TV of 20 pounds, they will pay you with 60 cents/pound, meaning that you will get only 12 bucks for your damaged TV. This is clearly not close to its real value.

You must find an insurer capable of providing this type of insurance before you can start the relocation.  This insurer must send an authorized person to appraise the items you want to move.  The more you want to cover, the more you will have to pay for insurance, but in the end you will get your precious cargo protected. In this way you will get you money back if one of your items is stolen or damaged. There are many causes that can lead to accidents and nobody can avoid them all.

We are an experienced moving company in Northridge and we want to assure you that we will take all measures necessary to make a safe transit for your items. If you want to know more about us, you can always check our website. Visit us!

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