5 Tips for Choosing a Good Neighborhood in Los Angeles

iStock_000005497486Small-300x221Selecting the right place to settle in is a very difficult task and it requires in depth analysis of several factors.  If you need help, follow these 5 tips for choosing a good neighborhood in Los Angeles. These tips are provided by one of the best LA moving company.

  • The best places in LA are very expensive. If you can afford living big, than the best neighborhoods for you are found in residential and ultra-central areas.  We are talking about places like Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Malibu or Holmby Hills.  Here you can stay in the finest luxury homes in LA. Properties there worth many millions of dollars. Well, if you are not a millionaire, you should orientate to other neighborhoods.
  • Consider public/private schools in the area. If you have children, their education should mean a lot for you. Check the ranking of private/public schools before moving.  Select neighborhoods with schools rated very well.  Having universities in the area is always a plus.
  • Verify the crime statistics of the neighborhoods. You surely do not want to move in an area known for frequent burglaries or homicides. LAPD should provide accurate crime statistics for each district. Analyze them before choosing an area to move.  Do not endanger yourself and your family.
  • Parking lots. Free parking lots in LA are becoming difficult to find. It would be nice to have a free parking area available close to you and not having to walk a lot to your house.  This aspect becomes very important if your workplace is many districts away from your home. Do not risk being constantly late to work.
  • Housing prices. If price matters a lot for you, you should review the costs carefully. You can talk with real estate companies and you can do some research on your own. There are many websites that offer real, accurate data for apartment sales/rent. Check them out.

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