3 Tips On How To Pack and Move Heavy Furniture in Northridge or nearby cities!

We all have heavy furniture items in our houses. When the time has come to move in another place, moving these items poses a great problem. The amount of work and planning is huge, not to mention that you must be extremely careful not to drop the item on stairs. The risk of getting injured is pretty high. You will need to follow these tips if you want to have a safer move:

–  Dismantle heavy furniture items into smaller component pieces. moving-furniture-exercise-1-1110-deThis is the ideal method for moving furniture. Many items can be disassembled into smaller pieces. These items are easier to carry and they give you more options for packing.  If you do not know how to disassemble an item, check the User Manual, it will give you more details about how it is done. After you have disassembled, do not forget to gather all the screws, nuts and bolts and place them in the same box/bag. Label the container accordingly.

–  Use adequate materials and tools. They key to any job is to have the proper tools. For heavy items it is required to have heavy duty boxes and strong straps. Also, you will need equipments to move them on the hall-stairs and downstairs. For that you should acquire dollies or a hand truck. In both cases, you must secure the item with the strong straps mentioned before. Solid boxes are also mandatory items.

–  Do not work alone. No matter how confident you are on your strength, you will not be able to lift so many items repeatedly. Relocation is an exhausting process even for a team of fully trained workers. A single guy is highly unlikely to succeed. Northridge movers will always answer if you call them for help.  They are experienced and good companies always have adequate tools.  Moving workers will minimize the risk of producing any accident and will take all safety measures. A moving expert knows better what box to choose, how to plot a strategy and how to apply it.

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