Check Some Tips On How To Pack And Wrap China, Cups And Other Kinds Of Fragile Objects!

Check some tips on how to pack fragile items if you need to relocate your home or business. Fragile items need to be properly packed and wrapped in protective materials.

packing fragile objectsYou need to know how to organize, pack and load them and all of these topics will be covered. Here are a few tips taken from the best Northridge movers companies!

1.       Moving supplies

Before we get to packing, we have to talk about moving supplies. Moving supplies are important because they offer a high degree of protection for your fragile items. You need sturdy container and high quality wrapping materials. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Boxes
  • Shrink wrap or bubble wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Peanut foam

2.       Packing fragile items

Fragile items should be packed in boxes which in turn have to be labeled and secured with duct tape at the bottom. Plates and bowls can be packed together in small sets but it is recommended to separate them with pieces of paper. Lamps need to be packed with their shades take off. The box has to be filled with peanut foam for extra protection. Expensive chinaware or irregularly shaped objects should be packed individually in sturdy boxes.

3.       Loading

When it comes to loading, you need to have a truck big enough to transport all of your objects. Northridge movers can provide proper vehicles for transportation and in many cases it is better to hire a moving company than hiring a van and a driver. Fragile items should be loaded last and make sure there are not any bigger valuable on top of them. The boxes with fragile items should be loaded on the top of heavy furniture, but make sure they are securely fastened; otherwise they can move and fall.

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